Monday, March 31, 2014

Choice of Words

In class we talked about how a senator uses the phrase ”bullshit” in one of his speeches. The interviewer or report said to him there was no other word that he could possibly use. But is that true, isn’t there a better way of putting things. Words do attack people and if you do not use them correctly I feel like it can offend your listener. You use one wrong that does not make some comfortable you never know when you will start an argument. Words can be used as a sharp knife and your listener can not help but to defend themselves. So I think he could have said it in a better way. Also some people here one word and they over react. Volume in the voice makes a big different in tone of speech. The way you talk to someone if you are mad you will tend to talk in a louder voice. But if you are calm and just want to talk about the situation you will tend to have a softer voice. I think everything can be dealt with without being angry. Should listen to what others have to say. Before assuming the worse. 

1 comment:

  1. Words do hurt and cut people deeply, but people curse, as someone who's in a position he should've expressed himself in another way. Being a Senator he should know what he say or do impacts him and Iowa and is going to cause a reaction, but honestly I wouldn't mind if he did because like I said people curse and that's how some expressive themselves. Him being at work and professional he shouldn't had said it. To some it may come off rude and disrespectful and can impact his job.