Monday, March 31, 2014

Choice of Words

In class we talked about how a senator uses the phrase ”bullshit” in one of his speeches. The interviewer or report said to him there was no other word that he could possibly use. But is that true, isn’t there a better way of putting things. Words do attack people and if you do not use them correctly I feel like it can offend your listener. You use one wrong that does not make some comfortable you never know when you will start an argument. Words can be used as a sharp knife and your listener can not help but to defend themselves. So I think he could have said it in a better way. Also some people here one word and they over react. Volume in the voice makes a big different in tone of speech. The way you talk to someone if you are mad you will tend to talk in a louder voice. But if you are calm and just want to talk about the situation you will tend to have a softer voice. I think everything can be dealt with without being angry. Should listen to what others have to say. Before assuming the worse. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Chinese New Year

Every Chinese New Year I enjoy spending quality time with my mom's side of the family. We would always eat, play games, and socialize together to celebrate for a better new year. This year my mom cooked for two days prepping for this event. My aunts and uncles teased me at the dinner table, saying if I came home more often, they could eat this well a lot more. They also told me how my mom cooked everything mostly for me coming to visit. The adults would hand out red envelopes to give out lucky money to the children including me. In order to receive the money, the children would have to dress up in traditional Vietnamese attire wish each member in the family a good and healthy new year. This year, I received a hundred and fifty dollars from my family. Score! The best part of this new year's reunion was spending time with my family and creating a lot of laughs together.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jewelry Care 101

At times buying an article of jewelry can be very expensive. If you don't know how to properly take good care of your jewelry you could end up loosing a diamond, wearing the shank, or even in some cases damaging your marriage, ouch. Preventing any damages to your jewelry can be done easily by not sleeping, showering, or cleaning with them on. Another thing that is mandatory for the care of your jewelry is to check up with your local jeweler every six months. You want to make sure that your prongs are nicely secure. If not, you can risk loosing that five thousand dollar diamond that you've bought for you loving wife.